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Champion Petfoods — Makers of the World’s Best Pet Food

Champion Petfoods is the award-winning manufacturer of Biologically Appropriate™ pet foods, Orijen and Acana, made strictly from fresh regional ingredients.


What Makes Champion Petfoods So Unique?

First, its foods are Biologically Appropriate™, which means that they are suited to the physiology, metabolism, and anatomy of your pets. Practically, this means they contain high amounts of protein, limited carbohydrates, and a variety of fresh meats, essentially mimicking what dogs and cats would eat in nature. The meat is freshly delivered and WholePrey™, meaning that it contains every part of the animal, unlike other pet food companies, which only use animal frames.

In accordance with Champion’s transparency policy, you can see just how much meat is included in each type of food, how many different animals it comes from, and how much is freeze-dried, fresh, raw, and dehydrated. Meat inclusions account for 50 percent or more of every Champion product.


What Else Makes Champion Petfoods Unique?

The food is made from fresh regional ingredients, which are sourced carefully from local farmers, ranchers, and fishermen who share the same values as Champion. Champion cultivates partnerships with these suppliers so that they have a continual stock of fresh, free-range products.

Champion Petfoods also prides itself on never outsourcing its production because when you outsource, you lose control over the quality of the food and exactly what goes into it. Champion’s goal is to be trusted by pet lovers worldwide, and this means creating food at their own state-of-the-art kitchens and supervising every step of the process. 

Champion has two award-winning kitchens: the NorthStar® Kitchen in Alberta, Canada and the DogStar® Kitchen in Kentucky. It also runs a Research and Innovation Centre, which is where the science behind Biologically Appropriate™ dog and cat foods is tested and validated.


The People Behind the World’s Best Pet Food

The founders of Champion Petfoods are pet lovers who feed their pets the Orijen and Acana brands. Visitors to the factories are always amazed to see that each employee is also a pet lover and that working at Champion is more than a job—it’s a passion. From the suppliers who deliver the fresh products to the Research and Innovation team who set a new standard of nutritional excellence, each member of the Champion Petfoods team brings enthusiasm to the job and contributes to the vibrant company culture. 


Champion’s Five Core Values—T.R.A.I.L.

The energetic team at Champion Petfoods operates on five core values best summarized by the acronym T.R.A.I.L.:

  • Teamwork — The whole team works towards the same goal of creating the world’s best pet food.
  • Responsibility — Everyone is responsible for their own part in creating high-quality pet food, and everyone takes pride in that responsibility.
  • Authenticity — Champion Petfoods is transparent in its actions. The Transparency Council is committed to providing the public with as much information as possible and encouraging feedback.
  • Innovation — Company employees are always encouraged to be bold and unique in creating high-quality products.
  • Leadership — Everyone who works at Champion is a leader in their own right, and every person contributes to the vibrant company culture.



Champion Petfoods has won numerous awards due to its committed employees, Biologically Appropriate™ foods, trendsetting kitchens, and use of fresh regional ingredients. One particularly outstanding award was the Global Markets Programme Award, issued in 2017 by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). These awards are known in the food industry as the Oscars of food safety so it was a big testament to the Champion’s commitment to food-safety leadership and culture.


Where Can You Buy Champion Products?

Champion products are available in more than 80 countries and can be purchased from authorized dealers who meet high customer-service standards. These standards include specialized support services and Champion’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.